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Sikhism is a life affirming religion with a staunch belief in one loving non judgemental God who can be experienced without any intermediaries or rituals. Through its practice one achieves a state of mind (avastha) called Chardi Kala. In this state one learns to cheerfully accept the will of God and to reframe all situations in the positive. Thus Sikhism and Sikhs never accept victim hood.

Sikhism’s non acceptance of the prevailing belief systems and corrupt practices has meant that since the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, there have been attempts to suppress their views, oppress their institutions and to persecute practicing individuals. In fact, even Guru Nanak Dev Ji was imprisoned by the Mogul Babur.

In spite of all attempts to subvert the very belief system of the Sikhs and to eradicate them they continue to flourish as a global community. Sadly, there are simply not enough memorials to commemorate the achievements and sacrifices of the Sikhs then Khalsa.

This memorial will be built on a secure, central and accessible site in Derby . It is a modest attempt to create a legacy for the future generations. We very much hope there will be many more with innovative and inspiring designs.



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